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Three Books to Make You Happy, Healthy and Satisfied

What do a social worker, a pastor and a tidying expert have in common? They authored three books that I often prescribe to patients who experience stressful relationships with their lovers, children, and homes (more common than you’d think!). We all need to invest time and energy to strengthen these bonds — they’re key to achieving our best mental and physical health. For a relationship boost, consult these books and be healthier for it.

The Five Love Languages. Turmoil in your love life increases your risk of depression, chronic stress, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Smooth things over by discovering which of the five “love languages”your partner speaks: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service or physical touch. Does she respond best when you tell her she’s special or does she prefer you show it by plowing the driveway? Dr. Gary Chapman helps you find out how your partner receives love (and how you should dish it out)…

Read complete article here via Durham News.


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