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3 Superfoods to Boost Your Immunity This Cold and Flu Season

What’s my prescription to stay healthy this cold and flu season? A dose of prevention, with the help of these superfoods.

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Beat Ticks in the Battle Against Lyme Disease

Ticks abound! The warmer summer weather brings the ticks out in full force, so it’s time to get smart about Lyme disease. Learn how to help prevent Lyme and when to seek treatment.

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Don’t Wash Your Face and Other Strategies for Flawless Skin

When it comes to achieving acne-free skin, your regimen should likely be a bit more minimalistic than you think. Follow this simple guide to ensure your lifestyle, nutrition, and product selection are all skin-friendly, and abolish acne for good!

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Put an Elimination Diet to Work to Get Your Health Back on Track

Do you ever get the feeling that troubles with your health may be related to your diet? Learn what’s troubling you and your body, and get better with the help of an elimination diet.

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Your Holistic Guide to Treating Insomnia

Learn how to develop a positive relationship with sleep, get the restful and restorative slumber you need, and be healthier for it. No drugs required.